Quality Control

Modern University for Business & Science (M.U.B.S) will lead the quality control workpackage and will engage in monitoring the project annually using customized audit checklists. M.U.B.S will be substantially assisted by the Technological Educational Institute of Larisaa (TEIL) throughout the duration of the IDEAL project.

With their extensive experience in quality assurance and control, MUBS and TEIL will report on the progress of the project, highlight any delays and continuously assess the quality of the partnership and management transparency.

Internal and external quality control along with corresponding frameworks and tools will be used to monitor and evaluate the project progress. Additionally, the indicators of success from the logical framework matrix will be continuously used to gauge the progress of the project activities, the advancement of deliverables, and the quality control.

Corrective actions will be taken by the project Executive Management Committee when necessary to deal with any problems that may arise during the implementation of the IDEAL project activities and maintain a stable and quality performance.