Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Program (LIRA)


The LIRA program provides researchers in universities career opportunities that suit their capabilities and potential. The program has brought about a great achievement for the national industrial sector by increasing its competitiveness, creating higher added value products, developing production lines, and by introducing locally-made low cost high-tech production equipment. LIRA cooperates closely with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, the National Council for Scientific Research, universities in Lebanon and hold an annual forum: the Conference of Industrial Research & Development, and The Exhibition of Industrial Research Achievements.This event brings together academic and industrial expertise. It provides an important opportunity for industry, academia and research centers, both public and private, to meet and exchange their research findings.

LIRA will partake in the management of the project by delegating an executive management committee member, attending the annual meetings, and reporting on the project activities and finances. LIRA and INFOPRO will be responsible for identifying and creating the database of industries in Lebanon, and organizing networking events to link researchers and industrialist and businesses together, the events will feature the work of researchers and a show case for industries and businesses.