American University of Beirut


The American University of Beirut (AUB) was founded in 1866 as a private, independent, institution of higher learning. The University is registered with the Lebanese Government, Ministry of Education and Higher Learning and its degrees are recognized and accredited by the Government of Lebanon. The University is governed by an autonomous Board of Trustees comprised of international leaders in various fields. The University’s Academic programs are offered in undergraduate, graduate, medical, and professional education. In its efforts to maintain an environment in which freedom of inquiry can thrive,  AUB has an established Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) to promote, support and administer sponsored research awards. It provides service and support to AUB administration and faculty in soliciting research funding and administering awards in the pursuit of research and scholarly activities; and in protecting and transferring inventions and technologies for the public good.

As the grantholder, AUB will take the lead role in the organization and management of the project, which it will direct from the Office of Grants and Contracts . AUB will assume administrative and financial responsibility for project activities in compliance with the TEMPUS requirements. It will also ensure quality control through regular supervision and feedback of all partners.

AUB has expertise in some aspects of supporting research. As the lead partner on the project, AUB will be able to assist European partners in transferring best practices in research administration to other institutions of higher learning in Lebanon by serving as a model. AUB will participate in all trainings and meetings and assist in the development of e-courses. During the project, AUB will host the Professional Association and the Innovation Park; partake in the needs assessment survey, and prepare AUB’s research interests’ database; and participate in the dissemination of project results.